Emil Schumacher

  • Nebo
  • 1977, Öl auf Leinwand 70x50 cm

Born in Hagen in 1912 painter and graphic artist Emil Schumacher was one of those artists who decided a new beginning after 1945. First, seeking orientation in the 1930s in expressionism and the figurative style of New Objectivity, he soon became one of the outstanding figures of not only the German but also the European art scene. Following abstract tendencies, that emerged in France and America, his intention was to create paintings, which overcome the figurative, which manifested itself in his co-founding of the informal group of artists “junger westen 1947”.

In the intensive studies of the intrinsic value of color and its psychological effect, Schumacher in the 1950s developed a special form of informal painting, close to the "material image". He created works, that emerged only from color, without any constructive framework, with the help of thickly deposited color reliefs and cracked brush marks of the painting process. The preferred brown-black and bright red coloring, combined with a graffiti sign language and tactile tangible surface created "crater landscape paintings".

In his late work, the sombre sound of the mostly large-scaled paintings brightens and the unwavering intention of the artist to deal with the design of the living is obvious. The development of the motion, the flow of power for Schumacher also meant a recovery a return to figurative works, so graphical references to representational motifs increasingly immersed - mostly in archetypal reduction - such as the ladder, the wheel, the horse or the human figure in his works.

Without revoking the nonobjective painting of earlier decades and the validity of the abstraction, the artist found his own answers in the representational late work, thereby reaching beyond informal positions. Emil Schumacher died in October 1999 at his home in Ibiza.

Gallery Exhibitions

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Museum Exhibitions

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MPK - Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern

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